Friday, August 22, 2014

Recuperating and Strategizing

I was starting to feel stronger.  I carefully got to my feet, and it felt like it had been days since I’d last stood on my own. 

Though the battle raged on, it was clear that Azraal’s death had turned the tide.  The demons were disorganized—their leader was gone and Kezin, the one who was ostensibly in line to assume control, was less worried about leading and more worried about making me pay for killing Azraal.  Salabas had executed another of his signature moves, and it looked like more than ten of our foes had been rendered temporarily incapacitated.  Talamur was busy possessing a demon that he was forcing to telefrag the others, Sylnie had plucked the Firstborn blade from Azraal’s carcass and put it to good use, and Jaelin was still valiantly defending my position from repeated assaults from Kezin and a few others.  I gauged by a quick count that we’d managed to kill about ten of our enemies, which was impressive, considering we’d been outnumbered ten-to-one and all five of us were still standing.

Of course, we were still outnumbered eight-to-one and death was still a very real possibility for each of us.

My physical and psychic might were both returning to me more quickly now.  I definitely wasn’t close to one hundred percent, but I could feel power thrumming through my veins and standing up didn’t give me a headache anymore.  I realized that, except for maybe Salabas, I had the greatest potential for destruction of anyone in this fight.  I decided to use that perception to my advantage and bring a swifter end to the violence. 

EVERYONE STOP!” I bellowed.  My roar carried easily over the havoc and reached every ear in the vicinity.  My tone of voice translated just as easily—every single combatant stopped and turned toward me.  Evidently even the angels listen when the devil is angry.

In the stunned stillness, an old Pontiac drove past us on the road a few yards away, blasting Metallica.  The car had a pizza delivery decal on it and the driver was apparently oblivious to the blazing school building, the horde of demons and the overturned firetrucks.

“Mmm,” Talamur grunted.  “Right now I could go for some pizza.”


  1. And it appears I have influenced the story. But on another note, I'm not sure if you saw, but you're very close to breaking the top 10 on the web fiction voting thing. You only need a couple more votes, but once there you need a lot to make any further progress.

    1. I didn't see. Whenever I look, I'm generally in the 15th-20th range. Good to know, though. Competition has toughened up the lasr year or so and I don't expect to see the inside of the top ten anymore. But that's okay. I've read some of the most popular ones, and they tend to be popular for good reason!