Monday, August 4, 2014

Weighing Options

“Anybody got any bright ideas?” Talamur asked grimly, scanning the swiftly contracting circle of enemies.

“I reckon I could take at least twenty of ‘em myself,” Salabas offered. 

“But what are we going to do about the rest?” Sylnie said nervously.  She had every right to be nervous, of course, considering she was probably the least powerful being here by a pretty sizeable margin. 

“We have to run,” Jaelin insisted.  “The angel makes no difference.  We’re still way too outnumbered to try and fight them all.”

“But you did come here for the purpose of stopping them,” Talamur pointed out.  “You’ll have to fight at some point.”

I decided to try and buy my companions some time to come up with a strategy that had any hope of success.  “Azraal!” I called out weakly.  “Did you really just lure me up here to kill me and take my throne?  Again?  I expected some originality from you, at least.”

Never one to leave a taunt unanswered, Azraal stepped into the center of the circle to face us.  “I was just in the neighborhood, killing some humans,” he explained with exaggerated nonchalance.  “But then we bumped into you, and I figured…here were two birds, and I had a couple dozen stones at my disposal, so what the hell?”

I was struggling to come up with a witty retort to keep the distracting dialogue going when one of the demons in the back whined loudly, “Come on, man, give us the attack order!  Can’t you see this assclown is stalling?”

It was difficult to tell for sure, but from my vantage point in Talamur’s arms it looked like Azraal teleported over to the speaker, tore his body in half down the middle like it was made of tissue paper, and calmly returned to his original location.  Then he flashed me a toothy grin that was almost charming and said, “Well…he’s not wrong.  Get ‘em!  Kill ‘em all!”

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