Friday, November 7, 2014

A Moment of Silence

“Sad to hear it,” Gus said somberly.  “Torvin was kind of a pussy, but in an endearing way, you know?”

“Sure,” I replied.  The room went silent for a moment.  Once I figured we’d been quiet long enough to briefly respect Torvin’s memory, I continued, “But there’s nothing we can do for him now.  How are we going to find the door to Heaven?”

“We could do some research in the Department of Historicity,” Sylnie suggested.  “There’s bound to be some book in there somewhere that has something to say about it.”

“Good,” I said.  “That sounds really boring and time-consuming, but hopefully that’ll work.”

“Remember Vilnius said something about a doorway to Heaven?” Gus said thoughtfully.  “Didn’t he promise to send you through if you gave him control over Hell?”

“Yeah,” I said.  “And you told me he was lying.”

He shrugged apologetically.  “Maybe there was more truth to it than I realized.”

“It doesn’t really matter anyway,” I pointed out.  “Vilnius is dead.”

Gus nodded.  “But his son isn’t.  Maybe he learned a thing or two from his old man.”

“Who, Zyzyfus?” I said.  “Yeah, sure.  We could talk to him.  It’s worth a shot.”

General Gavsot teleported in suddenly.  He seemed surprised to see me.  “Sir,” he said.  “I didn’t know you were back.”

I spread my arms wide.  “Well, here I am,” I said lamely.  “Thanks for looking after the place while I was out.”

“I have some information you might be interested in,” he told me confidentially.

“Okay,” I said expectantly.  “And?”

“I have occasionally attempted follow-up interrogations with Sebrev,” he said.  “He did not willingly share any information, but his delirious rants during his healing periods revealed something.”

“Yes?” I urged impatiently.