Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Back to Hell

"Well, at any rate, I need to get back to Hell and get things moving," I said.

"I'd like to stay here," Jaelin offered.  "Talamur and I can keep an eye out for invading demons and I'll come let you know if it happens."  Talamur put his arm around her and she nestled in against his chest.

"Yeah, that's probably a good idea," I replied, grateful that she was volunteering to stay clear for a while.  Despite the services she'd rendered, she'd been getting on my nerves lately.  She'd been a little self-righteous when I hesitated to drop everything to rescue Torvin, which I could understand.  But then she'd killed Niven without my approval and now she seemed to be in opposition to the plan to free the souls trapped in Hell.  I felt like her attitude was growing and causing a bit of rift between us.  It was a relief that she suggested something that would give us a little break from each other. 

Sylnie and I said our goodbyes to the demonic couple and reconvened in my office to gather our thoughts.  Then, thinking better of it, we re-reconvened in my lecture hall with Gus in tow.  I needed the white board to list all the various objectives my little gang needed to achieve.  As Gus and Sylnie watched from the front row, I enthusiastically scrawled out ideas.

"Okay," I babbled.  "So we need to figure out where the door to Heaven is.  Then we need to find all the ingredients for the spell and open it.  We also need to figure out who the leader of the creepy demon cult is and take him out."

"Or her," Sylnie interrupted pleasantly.

"Or her," I agreed.  "And we also need to find out where they're hiding Tithenai and rescue her in the process.  What else?  Did I miss anything?"

"Yeah, you said Jaelin stayed behind with that Talamur guy," Gus said.  "But where's Torvin?"

I'd completely forgotten about that guy.  "Oh, Torvin?" I said.  "Uh, yeah.  He's dead.  Probably dead."  Thinking back to the way he looked when I last saw him, consumed by flames and hurtling across the school property, I added, "Yeah, no.  He's totally dead."


  1. Noooo how could you totally kill Torvin D:

    1. Hey, now, it wasn't me. It was those psychos with the demonic napalm!

  2. Torvin! I left you to die! Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

    1. Every time I hear that line, I miss Firefly a little more...