Monday, November 10, 2014

Laying out the Plan

Quietly, Gavsot said, “The secondary location of the cult could be in an old, unused cable car tunnel dug by the Department of Development.”

“Seriously?” I said, rolling my eyes.  “An abandoned tunnel?  What is he, the Penguin?”

Gavsot squinted at me.  “You are referring to the flightless bird?”

I shook my head.  “Never mind.  Where is this place?

“The entrance is claimed to be on the edge of the cliff in front of the Department of Facilities,” he said. 

“Okay,” I said.  “Can you take me there?”

He nodded.  “Certainly.”

“Can you provide us with some backup?” I asked.  “If it’s the right place, we’ll need some serious firepower and Jaelin is staying upstairs for a while.”

“I will have a special squad accompany us,” he said.

“Perfect.  Go get them and meet me back here.”  He nodded briskly and disappeared.

“Gus, Sylnie,” I said, “I have to delegate to you two.  Sylnie, I need you to see what you can learn in the Department of Historicity, and Gus, I need you to talk to Zyzyfus in the Department of Developstruction.”

“Sure, Boss-Man,” he said uneasily.  “But neither one of us can teleport.”

I shrugged.  “Find a demon who can and hitch a ride.  I’m going to rescue Tithenai and hopefully kick this cult leader’s ass, so I need you guys to step up to the plate here.  We can’t afford to mess up, so we have to make sure we keep a tight grip on all of these balls.”

Sylnie grinned.

“The balls we’re juggling,” I clarified, blushing.  “Juggler’s balls.  You know, the things they throw to…dammit, don’t you guys have any circuses down here?”

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  1. And here I thought it was a reference to the guy in her old department that he roasted the nuts off of.