Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Close to the Edge

General Gavsot returned, thankfully interrupting the awkward silence.  "My squad is ready," he informed me.  "They will be waiting for us in front of the Department of Facilities."

"Good, thanks," I said.  Turning back to Sylnie and Gus, I asked, "Are you guys ready?  You know your assignments?"

Gus nodded uncomfortably.  Sylnie said enthusiastically, "Don't worry, sir, we'll get it done."

"Excellent.  See you soon."  I stuck my arm out for Gavsot.  He gripped it tightly and transported us across Hell in an instant.

We were standing on a flat expanse of dull orange rock a few feet away from the edge of a cliff.  Turning around, I saw that we were also at the base of a cliff, and a huge archway built into the wall behind us led into what must have been the Department of Facilities.  The room behind the archway seemed poorly lit and there was a faint blinking just inside that gave me the impression that some of the ceiling lamps were on their last legs.  Three impressively muscular demons were standing in front of the archway.

Gavsot waved them over.  "This is the squad that will accompany us," he informed me.  Pointing to each of them in turn, he added, "Yelvin, Onslaw and Dorvial." 

"Just three of them?" I asked.  "I was expecting a little more backup."

"Trust me," Gavsot said, placing a reassuring hand on my shoulder.  "This is the squad we need."

"Okay," I said.  I wasn't too eager to break into the creepy cult dude's headquarters with only four wingmen, but I had to trust that Gavsot knew what he was doing.  Maybe the tunnel we'd be invading was small enough that there would only be room for five combatants at a time.  "So where is this place?"  He motioned to the edge of the cliff.  I took a few steps toward it and peered over.

"Do you see the entrance?" he asked.  "It is approximately fifty feet down."

I was too distracted by the depth of the chasm to search for the opening.  "Jesus," I gasped.  "Is this a bottomless pit?  Do we actually have bottomless pits in Hell?"  I wasn't sure if I just couldn't see far enough or if there was some kind of mist a few miles down that was obscuring my view of the cavern floor.


  1. So do they have bottomless pots in hell?

    1. Oh my God, you had me so worried that I had a typo!

      Maybe they have bottomless pots to torture evil chefs who are eternally forced to cook pots of rice that can never be filled and can never be brought to a good simmer...

    2. Do they have bottomless tops in hell?

    3. For some of the exceptionally busty demons, perhaps.