Friday, November 14, 2014

Over the Edge

"It is not a bottomless pit," Gavsot explained.  "The Department of Waste Management is at the base of the cliff.  Also, the Society of Worshipful Fortitude lives down there."

I turned back to cock an eyebrow at him.  "The society of what now?"

"Worshipful Fortitude," he said.  "They are a small group of demon zealots who exist independently from the normal functions and heirarchies of Hell.  They live a somewhat monastic lifestyle as they faithfully await the return of Lucifer."

"What?" I laughed.  "It's a religious order of demons?  Are you serious?"  Then I remembered who I was talking to and added somberly, "Right, of course you're serious."

"Sir," the charcoal-colored demon named Onslaw murmured in Gavsot's ear.  "Shouldn't we be getting started?"

"Yes, of course," Gavsot said briskly.  He moved away from the Department of Facilities and stepped off the precipice with confidence.  I looked over the edge and observed him disappear as he fell.  A moment later, his arm waved out of the side of the cliff.

"So that's where the tunnel is," I murmured.  The three soldiers were already jumping into the chasm so I followed quickly.  Just as Gavsot had advertised, as I fell I saw the circular entrance situated about fifty feet down.  My four companions were already waiting inside, and I teleported to join them.

It was indeed a narrow tunnel.  There was no proper floor or ceiling and the curve beneath our feet made it difficult for any more than two of us to walk abreast.  General Gavsot and I went first, Dorvial and Yelvin were right behind us and Onslaw acted as our rearguard. 

There was no lighting in the tunnel.  We'd only gone a short distance before it was completely black.

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