Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tunnel Talk 2

"You have actually met an angel?" Gavsot clarified.

"Yeah," I said, a little surprised by his surprise.  "His name's Salabas.  Good guy.  A little eccentric, maybe."  After a little hesitation, I added, "I also met God."  That drew overlapping murmurs of unintelligible shock from all four of my demonic companions.

"You are the devil," Gavsot finally pointed out.  "Why would God ever allow himself to be in your presence?"

I smirked.  "Apparently God and I aren't exactly locked on opposite sides of a cosmic power struggle the way you might think."

"What?" Yelvin said with a frown.  "Of course you are.  You're mortal enemies."

"Immortal mortal enemies," Onslaw agreed.

"Nope," I said, enjoying their confusion.  "He needed my help, so we're working together to repair the door from Hell to Heaven to free the souls trapped down here."

"But souls aren't trapped here," Dorvial protested.  "They're consigned here.  They don't need to get out, they belong in Hell."

"Apparently that's not the plan God envisioned when he created the system," I said. 

"Do you intend to drain Hell of the damned?" Gavsot asked softly.  He seemed almost disappointed in me.

"Not all of them," I assured him quickly.  "Just the ones who've already been punished enough.   Besides, a better demon-to-damned ration will allow smaller class sizes so that each soul can receive greater individual attention, right?"

Gavsot shushed me suddenly and motioned for Onslaw to extinguish his arm.  Once the darkness had settled back in around us, we could see a dim pinpoint of light glowing up ahead.

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  1. Damn it Jason. Tell him about how you met Lucifer and how HE wanted you to do this, not God.