Monday, November 17, 2014

Tunnel Talk

"So," I said awkwardly as we proceeded in total darkness.  "Anybody got a flashlight?"

A small flame appeared nearby.  Once my eyes adjusted to the sudden light in the previously impenetrable blackness, I realized that Gavsot had set fire to his palm to use it as a lantern.  I heard a quiet crackling sound and glanced behind me to see that Onslaw had covered his hand with what appeared to be a purplish electrical current.  It provided a much softer glow than Gavsot's flame, but at least between the two of them I could see the ground I was walking on.

Still unnerved by the silence of the march, I asked, "Anybody know how long this tunnel is?"

"I'm not certain," Gavsot said.

"I've never been here before," Dorvial said with a sympathetic shrug.  Maybe he didn't like the quiet either.  Yelvin and Onslaw didn't seem to mind, as they both declined to speak.

After another uncomfortable lull in conversation, Gavsot observed, "You were in the Living Realm for a long time.  I take it the invaders put up a good fight?"

I was about to answer when I realized how funny the situation was.  "Gavsot," I teased.  "Are you…trying to make conversation?"

"I am unaccustomed to being in enclosed spaces with limited lighting," he said stiffly.  "How were conditions in the Living Realm?"

"Pretty intense," I admitted.  Regardless of whether Gavsot was claustrophobic or just afraid of the dark, I was grateful to have something to talk about.  "Azraal showed up, leading a whole bunch of demons who were trying to destroy my town."

"So that is where he was," Gavsot said.

"And that's where he still is," I replied proudly.  "Well…his corpse, anyway.  We had a pretty rough battle but we kicked ass."

"Then Azraal is dead?" Gavsot asked.

"Yeah, he's toast," I nodded.  "We had some help, though.  Talamur was there.  And an angel, too."

"An angel?" Gavsot said sharply.  He turned toward me as we walked, and he was either strangely interested in this latest announcement or the fire in his hand was throwing some seriously weird shadows on his face.

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