Friday, January 16, 2015

Attempting Diplomacy

Before I could flee or Zyzyfus could hit me with his demonic taser action, the headless body of a demon came sailing through the hole in the wall and clobbered my latest usurper from behind.  General Gavsot stepped through the opening.

Onslaw gingerly got to his feet.  "It's Gavsot, sir," he told me.  "Let's get him!"

Zyzyfus already had the same idea.  He'd recovered from his blow quickly and rolled into a kneeling position.  Without exchanging a single word with the general, he raised his arm to hit him with the same ability he'd just used on Onslaw.  Gavsot flicked his wrist and dealt the gangly demon a telekinetic smack that sent him flying against the opposite wall.  Without breaking his stride, he moved toward me quickly, brandishing his knife. 

I backed up.  "Gavsot," I pleaded.  "Come on, man, let's talk about this.  We were tight once.  What happened?"

To my surprise, he actually stopped.  He didn't put his knife away, but at least he stopped.  "You decided to open a route to Heaven to free souls from Hell," he explained.  "It was not a course of action I could support."

I scoffed.  "Really?  That's it?  It's not a course of action you can support?  That doesn't mean you have to throw your lot in with my enemy right away.  What about all the stuff we've been through?  Haven't I earned the benefit of the doubt?"

He seemed to consider that for a moment, and in the brief silence I realized that Gus was nervously humming "Yellow Submarine" to himself as he crouched in the corner.  "Perhaps," Gavsot finally admitted.  "But you were planning on completely altering the very nature of Hell and I knew I could not change your mind.  This is my home.  Your actions would cheapen it.  I could not permit it."

I shook my head.  "Letting innocent people go is cheapening it?" I asked incredulously.

With an impatient howl, Onslaw interrupted our productive dialogue by tackling Gavsot.


  1. Everyone's guilty for something. I for one welcome our new infernal overlord, Gavsot.

    1. Haha, nice! That sounded so familiar but I must confess I had to Google it.