Monday, January 19, 2015

Dual Vengeance

The two demons rolled across the floor in a flurry of fists and teeth and blood.  Onslaw was screaming something about avenging his brother and Gavsot remained quiet and focused.  Despite all Onslaw's rage, I'd have bet any money on Gavsot emerging as the victor.  I didn't want Onslaw dying on me, so I jumped in, trying to pry the two of them apart using both my physical and supernatural strength.  It was not easy.

"What are you doing!?" Onslaw growled at me.  "This bastard killed my brother!  You have to let me kill him!"

"You won't beat him," I tried to reason with him.  "You can't get revenge if you're dead."  He responded by punching me squarely in the jaw.  It was a hefty enough blow to send me reeling backward.  I tried to rejoin the fray, but Zyzyfus leapt on my back, wrapped his arms around my throat, and basically tried to choke the devil out of me.  I tried to buck him off, but he hung on doggedly, even as I slammed him against the wall repeatedly. 

Gus, alarmed by the growing level of violence in the room, began shouting the lyrics to "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."

As I struggled to shake Zyzyfus free, Onslaw and Gavsot tumbled past in a blur, knocking my feet out from under me.  I collapsed clumsily, bringing the lanky orange demon down on my neck.  Hard.

"A GIRL WITH KALEIDOSCOPE EYES," Gus bellowed off-key.

Having just accidentally executed an epic professional wrestling move on me, Zyzyfus thought he'd beaten me enough to steal my throne.  I assumed that's why he decided to sink his teeth into my shoulder and latch on like a lamprey.  He had drunk a little bit of my blood, so he only needed to get me to ingest some of his while mine was still in his system.  I was not putting up with that, especially considering how painful it was to have him gnawing on my clavicle.


Onslaw spat blood in his direction.  "Will you shut the fuck up already?!"


  1. really liking this, great read.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it.