Friday, January 23, 2015

Sylnie's Story

With Gus finally silenced, I turned back toward our rescuers.  "Sylnie!" I enthused.  "You look fantastic!"

Still dressed in her French maid outfit, she shot me a sexy little wink.  "I never get tired of hearing that."  Then she quickly added, "Sir."  She was holding a Firstborn blade stained with enough blood to indicate that she'd been very busy killing demons.

"So you and Belvidon here have been defending the home base or what?" I asked.

Her confidence wavered.  "Well…we thought we were, but things got so confusing that I'm not really sure who we're supposed to be fighting anymore."

She was about to go on, but I saw Zyzyfus stirring out of the corner of my eye.   "Hold that thought," I told her.  I bent over, planted my foot on his neck, and forcibly ripped his head off to effectively sap his telekinetic powers.  I just needed to make sure the head stayed far enough away from the body so that he couldn't surreptitiously heal himself and take me by surprise.  I rolled his head into the far corner.  Then I did the same thing to Gavsot.   Onslaw, at least, I allowed to come safely back to consciousness.

I nodded toward Sylnie.  "You were saying?"

"At first, General Gavsot and I were in the office just talking," she began.  "But then he started asking some weird questions about what I'd been doing on that last assignment you sent me on.  Then some demon in one of those creepy cloaks came in to tell him to hurry up, which made me think that somehow Gavsot was in league with the bad guys.  But then he explained that there was a group of demons mounting an assault on the office, so I thought maybe I'd join those guys because they sounded like they were against the creepy hood people.  But when Gavsot and his wingman went out to fight them, it seemed like Zyzyfus was trying to take over Hell from you, so I thought maybe he was the bad guy.  But then the hood guy brought more hood reinforcements and there was this big fight in the hallway.  And that's when I put Belvidon's head back on and we decided that we'd let the two groups kill each other and then we'd defend the offices against whoever was left.  Except we kind of got…sucked in," she finished with a shrug and a deep breath.

I let out a low whistle.


  1. The cast is starting to get too big, we're going to need Jason or someone else to thin out the herd a bit.

    1. I agree. It's a problem, especially when you have more than a year to forget about a minor character before he shows up again.

      But I don't want death to become too commonplace in the story. I want it to still be a big deal when a demon whose name you know gets killed. Which is why the Realm of the Living is so convenient, because now I can keep a few characters tucked away there for a while to keep stuff from getting even more cluttered.