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Conrad Reilly
Conrad is Jason Giles's great grandfather and his predecessor as Devil.

Jason Giles
Jason is our narrator, our hero, and our not-really-fearless leader.  He is murdered at the age of seventeen and becomes the new ruler of Hell shortly thereafter.

Gus Pitts
Formerly a crappy stand-up comedian from the 1980s, Gus is now enslaved to the office of the devil.  He served as an aide to Jason's predecessor and is currently bound to serve Jason as well.

Winston Phelps
The relentlessly melancholy Winston was a hotshot criminal defense attorney in life but is now forced to work as the Director of Assignment, doling out sentences for the damned.

Jorge Campos
A former Chilean slumlord and newer resident in Hell, the levelheaded Jorge holds fast to his belief that the strong rise to the top and the weak sink to the bottom.  Jason has installed him as the Director of Transportation, managing the constant flow of damned souls between their punishments in the Department of Torture and their Barracks in the Department of Housing.

Quinn Madsen
Quinn, now a resident of Hell, is a teenager who was involved in Jason's murder.

Demon names are highlighted with each character's approximate color.

Initially the Director of Transportation, Azraal's lust for greater power makes him a constant threat to Jason's authority.

The newest member of the mysterious organization, Belvidon had been recruited by Fikhos shortly before Jason's appearance in the organization's hideout.

As the Director of Waste Management, Diseppia puts up with a lot of crap and has learned to give it as well.

Doorknob (who is quick to point out that his name means "beacon of depravity" in the ancient demonic tongue) is a young demon with dreams of a meteoric rise to power within the Department of Torture.

Dramien is Winston's assistant in the Department of Assignment.  Winston appears to be the only person for whom Dramien has any respect.

The muscular and strikingly handsome Director of Housing catches Sylnie's eye with his looks and Jason's eye with his cooperative spirit.

Terse and businesslike, General Gavsot commands the Department of Enforcement.  He serves Jason faithfully and is never without a target to attack or a prisoner to interrogate.

On endless loan to Jason from the Department of Transportation, Jaelin is one of the Devil's unofficial advisors and supplies some much needed firepower.  She is Kivra's half-sister.

A former high-ranking torturer for Talamur, Kezin first appears in the Realm of the Living, fighting under Azraal's command.

Upon Jason's arrival, Kivra has the most prestigious directorship in all of Hell - the Department of Torture.  Jaelin is her half-sister.

As the Director of Reprocessing, Korrihor prefers to keep a low profile and remain detached from the politics of Hell.

Once a trusted leader in the Department of Enforcement, Lokir has fallen out of favor largely due to a drug addiction.

Malkino is a little demon with a big Barry White voice.  He is first introduced to Jason as a frontruner for Vilnius's old position as the Director of Development.

Though he serves under Jorge in the Department of Transportation, Sebrev is also involved in the ambush of two of Jason's aides.

Sylnie is a Low-Order Demon whose nakedness and full figure caught Jason's eye while she was working in the Department of Transportation.  Though she has difficulty understanding why he finds her so distracting, she joins his personal staff.

Talamur is Jaelin's former lover.  He was relegated to the Realm of the Living by a previous Devil for undisclosed crimes and later orchestrated Jason's murder.

Not among General Gavsot's best recruits, Torvin has been unofficially reassigned to Jason's inner circle from the Department of Enforcement.  Despite his frequently derided cowardice, he usually means well.

Vilnius, the Director of Development, makes an early play for Jason's throne until he is locked into a spell that requires him to obey Jason's orders.

Wyver is one of Jorge's go-to aides in the Department of Transportation.  He is critical of Jason's weaknesses without being in overt opposition to his power.

Zyzyfus could be a major player in the Department of Development but he doesn't officially hold an office in its command structure.  His biggest claim to fame is that his father was Vilnius, the Department's previous director.

Other Species

Halkkor (Lucifer's Firstborn)
Fearsome, rational and eloquent, Halkkor leads the army of Lucifer's Firstborn.

Niven (Lucifer's Firstborn)
As second in command, Niven is fiercely loyal to Halkkor and his army and has proven himself to be a lethal warrior in his own right.

Salabas (Angel)
This angelic doppelganger of Kanye West once worked in conjunction with Talamur to orchestrate Jason's death but currently appears to be on the Devil's side.

Tithenai (daughter of Lucifer and ???)
Although she is a very gifted psychic who seems to have knowledge of events at the moment they occur, Tithenai prefers to sit in her cave above the underworld, play video games, and quote song lyrics in conversation whether they fit or not.

Wakka (Pit Guard)
Jason has promoted this grouchy, verbally abusive pit guard to fill Vilnius's post as the Director of Development/Construction.

Current Known Command Structure
Departments are listed in descending order of approximate power and prestige.

Department of Torture
  • Current Director:  Malkino
  • Responsible for carrying out the degree of punishment as outlined by the Department of Assignment
  • Notable residents:  Doorknob
  • Past residents:  Kivra (ex-Director), Kezin
Department of Enforcement
  • Current Director:  Gavsot
  • Responsible for law and order
  • Notable prisoners:  Kivra, Sebrev, Lokir
  • Past residents:  Torvin
Department of Housing
  • Current Director:  Fikhos (aides include Jashon)
  • Responsible for housing damned souls in between sessions in the Department of Torture
  • Notable residents:  Rathros
Department of Developstruction
  • Current Director:  Wakka
  • Responsible for expanding Hell and building new facilities
  • Notable residents:  Zyzyfus
  • Past residents:  Vilnius (ex-Director), Malkino
Department of Transportation
  • Current Director:  Jorge Campos (aides include Wyver and Nuver)
  • Responsible for ferrying damned souls between the Department of Housing and the Department of Torture
  • Past residents:  Azraal (ex-Director), Jaelin, Sylnie, Sebrev
Department of Reprocessing
  • Current Director:  Korrihor
  • Responsible for collecting and disseminating artifacts from the Realm of the Living to all departments
Department of Assignment
  • Current Director:  Winston Phelps (aides include Dramien)
  • Responsible for judging souls and assigning personalized punishments
Department of Information Technology
  • Current Director:  ??
  • Responsible for maintaining electronic equipment in all departments
Department of Waste Management
  • Current Director:  Diseppia
  • Responsible for cleanup and disposal after torture sessions
Department of Historicity
  • Current Director:  ??
  • Responsible for maintaining an organized library of Hell-related materials

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