Other Web Serials

Here's some other stuff I hope you check out:

The Zombie Knight
(currently reading)
This is the tale of a recently deceased kid who enters into an interesting arrangement with the grim reaper.  At first, he involves himself with some local crime-fighting, but soon he gets tangled up in supernatural alliances between forces that have been warring for centuries.  This guy blows my mind with how often he updates...but even though he cranks out a minimum of one post per day, his stuff is still quality.  Also, the kind of modern fantasy world he's constructed is pretty impressive.

(currently reading)
This is an action-packed supernatural adventure featuring a girl with some interesting mental powers, some demons, and a fascinatingly fresh take on some other stuff we've all seen before.  The supernatural battles and the powerful beings and the mysteries and romances are all firmly cemented by a strong lead character--Molly is imperfect but clearly good, and she's a little bit at sea about who she is and where she comes from.  You can't help but root for her as she goes up against badder and badder baddies.

Hobson & Choi
(currently reading)
"Quirky" might be the best way to describe this one.  A private investigator (Hobson) takes on a spunky, web-savvy teenage intern (Choi) and they embark on a hunt for the perpetrator of a bizarre and grisly murder.  I'm not really sold on the plot just yet, but I've only started this recently and I'm not even a quarter of the way through it yet. I'm fine if the author takes his time getting to the meat of the plot, though, because the interactions between Hobson and Choi and some of the people they're investigating are weird, fun, and sometimes downright hilarious.  I would advise against reading this while eating, because I've choked or spat out a drink more than once.

(hopelessly behind on, but at least it's concluded)
This is, as far as I can tell, among the most successful web serials out there--and for good reason.  It's an unconventional but imaginative take on the rise of a superhero.  I'm actually pretty far behind on this one.  I find it easiest to read in obsessive binges, so one of these days I'll spend like 8 straight hours catching up.

Stuck Station
(hopelessly behind on, AND IT'S STILL GOING)
This deliciously absurd sci-fi adventure is clearly the love child of Douglas Adams and...some other person.  Mostly I say that because, while it definitely reminds me of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, it's not like it's a ripoff or anything.  I really need to get back into this story.

The Smell Collector
If you're a sucker for an enigmatic lead character like I am, you might enjoy this clever and captivating serial.  It's about a guy who is obsessed with learning how to recreate all kinds of smells, including each individual's personal scent.  He's creepy but endearing, and the stuff that happens in his life is fun to read.  This story is now complete, too, so you can get the whole story instead of having to check back for updates.


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